02/08Chapel Row Gallery (Influence)Bath
2008Fat FowlBradford on Avon
07/08Gallery 8 (The Collection) Bath
08/08Soul survivor Shepton Mallet
03/09Mauger Modern (Influence) Bath
07/10Chapel Row Gallery (Compassion UK)Bath
2010The Warehouse Gallery, Trowbridge Wiltshire
2010No. 32 Bradford on Avon
2011The Angel, Upton Scudamore Wiltshire
05/11BBC "Show Me the Monet" TV appearance Liverpool
06/11Bath Fine Art Gallery Bath
Charity Art Exhbition for Genesis Trust
10/11Compassion Exhibition 2 Bristol
Charity Exhbition held at Raymond Blancs Restaurant
11/11Walcot Chapel with BANA Bath
02/12Hope for Justice at The Paintworks Bristol
2012Run with the Fire, Olympic Digital Exhibition UK Churches
05/12Bath Fringe Festival, Officers Club with BANA Bath
10/12Royal United Hospital with BANA Bath
06/1344AD Art Gallery for the Trauma Recovery CentreBath
06/14Guildhall, BathBath
YearlyNew Wine Shepton Mallet
OngoingArt Workshops (Jackie Pullinger) Hong Kong